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A solution for travel consultants and travel agents to access their Amadeus office id environment on their mobile phones. ResBird Mobile GDS allows authorized travel agency owners and consultants to make bookings, check queues, display availability and fares, and perform automated ticketing and many more such entries of the Amadeus system on their Mobile Phones!
  • Fully Secure and Automated
  • Available as a Mobile Website–no need to download
  • Uses the present popular Amadeus entries
  • Works on all mobile devices irrespective of the platform (Android/ Apple/Blackberry etc.)
  • You can link to a particular Amadeus office id or multiple Amadeus office ids
  • Allows bookings on Air, Hotels, Insurance & also access and use Amadeus Customer Profiles!
  • Allows the travel agency consultants to attend to the needs of their Customers anytime , anywhere
  • Reduces Costs as no need to call the Helpdesk
  • Saves Times as no need to log onto the Computer at home (laptop/PC)

A graphical application designed to both Create Amadeus Profiles & also Extract Amadeus Profiles. ResBird Profiler Plus can automatically create all types of Amadeus Profiles. It can also extract the information from existing profiles and save in excel file format!
  • An automated time saving process
  • All types of profiles are created: Agency , Customer & Traveler profiles
  • To create profiles: The solution takes the information from an excel file and generates corresponding Amadeus entries to create the profile
  • To extract profiles: The solution can also extract profile information and save in Excel format
  • Enables a travel agency to streamline the sales process with synchronized profiles
  • No Amadeus Profile entries to be learnt by agency staff
  • Travel Consultant can provide quality information to airlines by transferring Profiles to Amadeus PNRs at the time of booking
A script based solution to help a travel agency staff adapts to Amadeus entries quickly and with minimum training. It “Converts” the Galileo & Abacus” entries to corresponding Amadeus entries.
  • Fully Graphical -Converts entries of Abacus & Galileo to Amadeus entries
  • Converts all Air availability , Fares, Queues , Hotels , PNR entries and much more
  • In a world where it is increasingly becoming difficult to find trained & experienced staff , ResBird Converter can help an agency meet its staff needs to service the Customers
  • Cost Saving as no need to make a call to the Helpdesk
  • Reduces Adoption time when an agency converts from Galileo/Abacus to Amadeus
An easy solution to remove and delete HX segments from an Amadeus PNR. Reduce airline debit notes and save costs!
  • Runs automatically on a pre-defined Queue at regular intervals
  • Checks the PNR for the presence of HX and any other pre-defined status codes which need to be deleted
  • Performs the DL entry and saves the PNR
  • Generates Details of the PNR processed in a Report format
  • Travel Agency is no longer dependent on the travel consultant to always delete the inactive segments
  • Reduced ADMs
  • Time Saving & Efficient , No training required
  • Peace of Mind to the Travel Agent as reduced Costs due to no debit notes
A solution to enable travel consultants to send Itinerary and Fare Quote to their customers from various PNR options created for them
  • ResBird Travel Quote is a graphical and a fully automated solution which works on various Amadeus PNRs to capture the Travel Itinerary and Fare information and create the “Quote” in an easy to read and easy to understand format . This enables the passenger to make his final choice on the airline based on the price of each suggested Itinerary and Fare option
  • A graphical application , easy to use
  • Can process multiple PNRs in a matter of seconds
  • Contains information about the Flight Status, Departure, Arrival date & time and Aircraft Type
  • Possible to add any special Fare Note or Penalty for Cancellation Remark
  • Travel Consultants no longer need to spend time & effort in copy pasting PNR information in a single sheet
  • The Customers of Travel Agency can understand the Travel Quote as every information is in a Decoded format
    (for ex “ Newark Liberty INTL Terminal B” instead of just EWR)
  • No restriction in the number of PNRs which the script should be able to process

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